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Hotel Bulvar Palas - Istanbul


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On a finger of land at the confluence of the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara stands the Topkapi Palace, that maze of buildings that was the focal point of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. Cosntruction of New Palace (Topkapı Palace) is started after 1466, and completed on 1478, a couple of years before the death of Fatih. This palace is not a building like other European Palaces, and composed of various mansions and chambers. Initially constructed Çinili Mansion is a Glass Palace and concluded on 1472. Mansion with Middle East architecture character and two layers become Archeology Museum on 1875 and Turkish Islam Pieces of Art Museum on 1908. It is also opened as Fatih Pieces of Art Museum on 1953. Çinili Mansion, Kubbealtı Arzodası (Under Dome Submission Room), Hasoda, Treasury, Pantries and Expeditionist like barracks, a part of kitchens, patients room, hamam, now a library, Ağalar Mosque, stables and other buildings' construction is followed and finally structure is completed with the construction of main gate at Sultanahmet direction, known as Bab - ı Humayun and Palace ramparts on 1478.

Palace residents, which were approximately 750 persons during Fatih period, become more crowd and during XIXth century, it reached to 5000 during normal days and extraordinary days like festivals 10.000. For this reason, new additions had been made to this palace.

Topkapı Palace Harem division is constructed between 1574 -1595 during IIIrd Sultan Murad period and then Harem residents in Bazayıt had been moved to this place. Harem residents were 474 persons at the beginning of XIXth century. There were Black Eunuch in Sultans Palace Chamber while entering the Harem, and on the upper level of it, Prince's School for little princes. In the course of time, Enderun School, Master Doctor's Room, Enderun Pharmacy, mansions within internal courtyards and summer mansions at Sarayburnu coasts are constructed in the Palace, kitchens and stables are widened, and new mosques and libraries had been added.  


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Kent Hotel - Istanbul
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Hotel Bulvar Palas - Istanbul
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